The safe Smart watch – IT DOESN’T play Fortnite and it can’t access Facebook.

But parents can keep in touch with their kids via call, text, or even view their location on a map in real-time like they’re waiting for UberEATS with the Spacetalk GPS smartwatch.

Furthermore the many parents who don’t want to give their child a mobile phone and are looking for alternatives to stay in touch, the Spacetalk GPS Watch is proving very popular indeed. computer repairs melbourne.

Besides the safe Smart watch aimed at five to 12-year-olds as a stepping-stone to a smartphone.

Nonetheless more and more Australian parents are embracing the child-friendly smartwatch with GPS, in order to stay connected with their school-aged children.

Made by a local Australian tech company, MGM Wireless, it has been dubbed the Spacetalk Watch and is like an Apple Watch for kids. Perhaps more importantly, for parents who want peace of mind.

Besides, it provides the perfect compromise of being able to stay in touch with your child, but without the minefield of smartphone apps.

The safe Smart watch
IT DOESN’T play Fortnite and it can’t access Facebook, but parents can keep in touch with their kids via call
The safe Smart watch – stay in touch with your children always

The safe Smart watch at First. repair or replace?

It doesn’t have a camera and second, it can’t be used to surf the web or access social media.

But the GPS enabled device does have a two-way calling, SMS, location tracking and features that allow parents to keep an eye on their child throughout the school day.

Essentially everything you or your child needs to stay safe and stay connected.“It solves the basic need to stay connected without the nasties of social media like Facebook and YouTube,” said Mark Fortunatow, the company’s CEO.

The safe Smart watch improvements in connectivity, security, and durability have helped it grow in popularity in the fast-growing wearables market. Parents can control the device from an app on their smartphone, block unknown numbers, choose what hours of the day the device can receive or make calls, and even set up “safe zones” with customisable alerts to inform parents when their child arrives and departs certain locations.

The safe Smart watch – stay in touch with your children always
The safe Smart watch
IT DOESN’T play Fortnite and it can’t access Facebook, but parents can keep in touch with their kids via call

The safe Smart watch – The watch is also water resistant and has basic features like a step counter, reminder alarms, a stopwatch and a weather app. A dedicated SOS alert button on the side of the device can be programmed to call a sequence of guardians and even local emergency authorities when it is pressed and held down.

The safe Smart watch for a device is amazing!

Marketed towards ensuring the peace of mind of parents, security is also a paramount concern for the company and it’s a relief to know all of the data from Spacetalk and the app is hosted in Australia in “highly secure” data centers and protected by Australian privacy and data security legislation.

The safe Smart watch Finally, as some Australian schools begin to start enforcing mobile phone bans to reduce online bullying and unnecessary distraction.

Besides parents are having to look for new ways to stay connected to their children – and just maybe the Spacetalk Watch could be the answer! hardware and software questions?

The safe Smart watch – Click for more details:

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The safe Smart watch – stay in touch with your children always

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