Looking After Your Laptop Battery

Q: I just got a new laptop and I want to make sure I don’t ruin the battery. One friend says I should drain it fully before charging, another says I should try to keep the laptop battery between 40 – 80{1f125d81ae85bed3a151f062ab6e4c3e063cc58f373c23f561306ad2b03a9be2}. Which one do I believe?

A: “Fix my laptop” is a phrase we hear a lot of here at IT Wifi, and all too often it’s not a problem with the laptop itself, but with the battery. It seems that extending laptop battery life is something everyone has a theory on.

Looking After Your Laptop Battery

So we’re glad you asked! It’ll give us a chance to clear up some confusion, because things have come a long way in the world of laptop batteries.

These days you’ll find that your tech is running on lithium-ion batteries.

Which are far superior to the old nickel-based batteries of yore, which suffered from the memory effect.

Having said that, the way you charge your battery can still have a significant impact on the life of your battery.

As well as its charge speed and how long it holds that charge for. Here are the top tips from our computer geeks for getting the most out of your laptop battery.

Laptop Battery Shallow Discharge Is Your Friend.

Instead of running the battery all the way down to 0{1f125d81ae85bed3a151f062ab6e4c3e063cc58f373c23f561306ad2b03a9be2} every time, lithium-ion batteries work best when you run them down a little bit, then charge them a little bit. The table below (data courtesy of Battery University) shows that running your battery down to 50{1f125d81ae85bed3a151f062ab6e4c3e063cc58f373c23f561306ad2b03a9be2} is better in the long run than regularly running it down to fully flat.

IT Wifi Computer geeks extend laptop battery life

Looking After Your Laptop Battery

And while charging your laptop every time it gets to 90{1f125d81ae85bed3a151f062ab6e4c3e063cc58f373c23f561306ad2b03a9be2} .

Battery may give you the highest number of cycles, it doesn’t leave you with a lot of time to actually use your laptop.

Therefore, we suggest you try to stick to a charging cycle where you charge at around 50{1f125d81ae85bed3a151f062ab6e4c3e063cc58f373c23f561306ad2b03a9be2}.

Making the friend who told you to charge between 40{1f125d81ae85bed3a151f062ab6e4c3e063cc58f373c23f561306ad2b03a9be2}  80{1f125d81ae85bed3a151f062ab6e4c3e063cc58f373c23f561306ad2b03a9be2}.

The most accurate. Having said that…

Don’t Leave Your Laptop Fully Charged

Lithium-ion batteries actually don’t need to be fully charged, so again, try to stick to the – 40{1f125d81ae85bed3a151f062ab6e4c3e063cc58f373c23f561306ad2b03a9be2} – 80{1f125d81ae85bed3a151f062ab6e4c3e063cc58f373c23f561306ad2b03a9be2}

In order to prolong the life of your battery.

Most importantly, if you do fully charge the battery, do NOT leave it plugged in!

We’re all guilty of doing this at some point, but we strongly suggest that you do your best to avoid it.

As it’s one of the quickest ways to degrade your battery.

And please don’t use it while it’s charging, we know sometimes it’s an ‘emergency’ and you will have to, but try not to make a habit of it.

Once A Month, Fully Discharge The Laptop Battery

We know – that’s exact opposite of what we just told you to do, but there’s a method in our madness!

Most batteries these days will give you a time frame for how long you have left, like ‘1 hour remaining’. That’s because they’re “smart” batteries.

Able to calculate – based on current usage – how long you can continue running on the available charge.

However this particular feature can become less accurate after a lot of small charges, therefore, manufacturers will usually suggest a complete run down & recharge of the battery once a month in order to ‘reset’ the battery and recalibrate the feature.

Stay Cool

Many of us overlook this one, but it’s really important – excessive heat is terrible for computers and your battery.

You might be surprised just how much of a difference it makes to keep your laptop cool by using a laptop stand. By allowing better airflow around the laptop, you will keep it cool.

Of course, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t leave your laptop sitting in direct sunlight all day or in your car, either.

Looking After Your Laptop Battery

So there are our top tips for extending the life and quality of your battery.

Follow these guidelines and all the usual precautions on virus removal and so forth.

Nonetheless, with any luck, the four words you’ll never need to say to us are ‘ please fix my laptop’.

Don’t sacrifice practicality in order to follow the battery life rules.

If you’re traveling and don’t have anywhere to charge your battery.

it’s ok to run it down to 0{1f125d81ae85bed3a151f062ab6e4c3e063cc58f373c23f561306ad2b03a9be2}. Just use it how you need to, but if you can keep these guidelines in mind.

Your battery will be healthy for the longest period possible and that’s something we all want.

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Looking After Your Laptop Battery

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