My Laptop Won’t Turn On

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Q: My laptop won’t turn on, I’m pretty sure it’s dead and I need the stuff on it. What are my options?


THE PC DOCTOR – My Laptop Won’t Turn On – There are a few options available depending on a) what you mean by ‘dead’ (i.e. what’s wrong with it), b) how attached you are to your laptop and c) your budget.

Furthermore, our team are the experts in laptop repairs Melbourne-wide.

But they still need to open it up to discover the problem.

How Dead Is ‘Dead’

THE PC DOCTOR If by ‘dead’ you mean your laptop has a smashed or cracked screen, congratulations.

You’re looking at relatively cheap & easy laptop repairs, Melbourne.

That is, of course, assuming that nothing else was damaged.

When you dropped it / drove over it / threw it at the wall (tick as appropriate).  This is like ‘death-lite’.

Nonetheless, if you spilled liquid on your laptop, firstly, our condolences.

Secondly, do you have insurance? If so, we suggest you lodge a claim…

If the liquid penetrated the unit.

it’s most likely short-circuited and caused a complete failure. Total death, if you will.

THE PC DOCTOR Or do you mean that the laptop isn’t powering on no matter what you do and there’s nothing you can think of to account for it?

If this is the case, it’s fairly common for there to be damage to other parts of the motherboard.

Furthermore, as well which will need to be fixed for everything to resume working properly.

Motherboards tend to be a very expensive component; so cross your fingers this isn’t what’s wrong.

Consider this option death with taxes.

Getting Your Data Back

THE PC DOCTOR – If you’ve decided that repair isn’t financially viable, then we need to look at the most cost effective methods of data recovery.

The simple way – and usually the cheapest way – to do this is to remove the hard drive from the laptop and install it in an external USB enclosure.

We work a little magic to get around the security and voila – you can access your data.

And is much cheaper than other methods.

Our trusty computer techs are the specialists in laptop repairs Melbourne-wide; if the resurrection isn’t possible or financially viable.

We can at least retrieve your data without breaking the bank. We also provide rapid response Onsite Computer Support and Computer Repairs Melbourne-wide.

Call us today on 1300 IT WIFI and we will have one of our qualified, friendly computer techs out to you in no time at all.