Tips for Keeping Your Laptop Cool

An overheating laptop is really frustrating when you’ve got assignments or work reports due and you can’t afford to stop for an hour or so to let your laptop cool down. Remember too that your laptop overheating also heats your battery and shortens the life of the battery. Unless you foresee your future self sitting next to a lot of power points, ‘working through it’ isn’t going to be helpful in the long run. So how do you get around this hotly debated issue (see what we did there?)

Here are some of our favourite tips and tricks to help

Physical Intervention

No need to gather your friends for this intervention. There are a lot of high tech options for keeping your laptop cool, but many of them come with high-digit price tags attached, so let’s look at some of the cheaper options available that won’t break your budget.

Don’t sit your laptop on your lap. I know, I know – its very name says you should be able to do this, and you can (at least for a little while) but sitting your heat producing metal box on your heat producing body just creates a heat pocket and yet people are constantly surprised when their laptops overheat from doing this. Try putting your laptop on the desk instead. Or better yet why not try a …..

laptop stand laptop overheating

Laptop stand. Starting at around $15, a laptop stand is a great way to get your laptop off the desk and keep air circulating. The better the air circulation, the cooler your laptop. Something like the laptop stand pictured is cheap and should also fit over your lap, allowing you to work when you’re sitting on the couch.

If Office Works is shut or it’s off pay week, you can also try using egg cartons beneath your laptop – the shape of the egg carton allows great ventilation and adds just enough height to help prevent your laptop overheating. Plastic bottle tops can also be used as ‘legs’ on your laptop with some success, although you probably shouldn’t make any sudden moves…

Coins Aren’t Cool

There’s a lot of articles around that suggest cooling an overheating laptop by stacking copper based coins on your keypad to draw the heat out and at first glance this one seems like a winner, after all, copper is known for its ability to conduct heat. Unfortunately, this may work for the first few minutes, but after that, you’ll be right back to normal. The guys at cnet explain why…

Slow Down

Most of us run our computers at 100{1f125d81ae85bed3a151f062ab6e4c3e063cc58f373c23f561306ad2b03a9be2} performance, even when we don’t need to. Here’s an easy hack that should help you keep your laptop cooler, without sacrificing performance. As you’ll see from the clip, this simple change can make a massive difference to your laptops running temperature!

Time For The Professionals

Your laptop could be experiencing difficulties with its fan, or there could be a build up of dust inside that is causing the overheating. It could be a cheap and simple fix for a professional that saves you a lot of time and frustration.

If these quick and easy fixes aren’t working and your laptop is still overheating, Call us on 1300 IT WIFI or contact us and we’ll have your laptop fixed in no time.

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