Malware Targets Apple Mac Devices

As Apple Mac’s market share is constantly increasing, malicious malware from cyber criminals targeting Mac users is also increasing day by day. It’s important to note that malware is quite different than other malicious viruses; malware gives access to a hacker when he wants to steal information from you, install other malicious software, and can spy on everything you do on your device.


It has been discovered a Mac malware called ‘Fruitfly’ has been circulating for quite sometime (since late 2014), and it is capable of spying on mac users by taking screenshots of the their activities on the device.  The malware is also capable of activating the webcam on your mac device and taking snapshots of the user and the surrounding environment.

According to industry experts, ‘Fruitfly’ has been targeting both home users and businesses, and has been focusing on new industries in order to steal confidential trade information and data.

To ensure your devices are safe from malicious software, it’s important to make sure your have the most recent OS updates on your devices, and up to date virus protection software. Mac systems,  just like Microsoft devices,  require ongoing maintenance and cleanups to keep the system free from any malicious activities. Mac users are urged to set up Time Machine which enables you to restore your hard drive from a Time Machine backup in case something goes wrong and you lose your data.

Is your iMac running slow?

There are many reasons why your iMac may be running slow. Your hard drive may be almost full, you may have an outdated OS or incompatible software, or your CPU could be struggling to keep up with the number of applications you have running.  Our computer technicians are specialists in Mac Repairs and maintenance, and can diagnose the issue and improve the performance of your iMac device at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new system.

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