Q: Surge Protector – When it comes to protecting my computer.

However, what do you think is the smallest investment with the largest return?


Surge Protector – My mother always said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and with the winter storm season kicking off.

In spite of this it’s not just your sinuses you need to worry about. While technology has made some incredible leaps.

Nevertheless, there is one area in which technology remains vulnerable.

And it’s one that many of us rarely stop to consider; Power Surge.


What Is It?

Fluctuations in power voltage can be caused by a variety of things.

However the most common are power surges caused by sudden electricity supply/demand variations or by things like lightning strikes.

Furthermore, If you don’t have a surge protector, a sudden surge of electricity. Moreover can burn up the lines into your plugged-in devices.

This will fry vital components or chips (not the kind with gravy).

Any fluctuation in power, even if it’s so small we don’t observe.

Just this can be enough to cause problems with our devices.

An unexpected shutdown carries the risk of corrupting or losing data altogether.

Even computers running on a Solid State Drive (or SSD) aren’t immune to this risk.

So having a surge protector is a cheap and easy way to help protect your machines. It’s definitely cheaper than replacing your tech or trying to recover data.


Does My Insurance Cover This?

It really depends on your insurance company and the level of cover you have.

Nonetheless, we aren’t insurance experts, but we’ve noticed some common themes.

Amongst many of our customers who are claiming under their insurance.

However, their insurance excludes power surges caused by power failure or surges by the power provider.

As there must be evidence of a lightning strike in your area. Furthermore, you need a repairer’s report that confirms that lightning was to blame. And that is the purpose of the amazing Surge Protector.

If you’re not sure if your insurance covers you for power surge, we suggest you check with your provider and also check what your excess is.

In spite of this, if you’ve got a large excess, you may find that you’re out of pocket for the full cost of whatever needs to be done to try to repair or replace your tech.

While some insurers will cover the replacement of the damaged parts but won’t cover the cost of trying to restore your data.

For most of us, the most valuable part of our tech isn’t actually the hardware itself, it’s all the data on it – our computers hold the details of our lives; memories, our personal info, our work or portfolios and everything in between.


Get A Surge Protector – Because Mother Knows Best

Don’t tell her I said that.

Surge Protector is for Prevention really IS better than a cure, so while you should always back up regularly.

So that if something does happen, you’ve got all – or most of – your data…

it’s an even better idea to add another layer of protection by getting a surge protector in order to reduce the chances of needing to use that backup.

If you’re unsure of what to get or how to set it up, IT Wifi’s computer geeks can help you select the best surge protector for your needs.

Furthermore, can assist in setting it up for your home or business computer.

We’re happy to come to you as we provide onsite computer support and Computer Repairs Melbourne-wide, so contact us today on 1300 IT WIFI for the personal IT support you need.

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