No Click Viruses Holding Computers to Ransom

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New Ransomware Threatens Users

No Click Viruses – As we are becoming more and more cautious about Ransomware infections, attackers are developing smarter techniques to attack computer systems. So, according to reports issued by security firms, the number of malicious viruses has increased exponentially since the beginning of the year.

It has been reported that over the first half of this year, Ransomware viruses have infected millions of businesses and home users.

The reason for this unprecedented growth of Ransomware attacks is that the attackers are constantly upgrading and strengthening their ransom viruses to make them unbreakable. Furthermore, they are also utilizing sophisticated new techniques of distributing the Cryptolocker that require no interaction at all. That’s right! So, the virus can attack your user system without you clicking on it.

There are two categories of Ransomware:

First Category: This type of Ransomware, generally known as Cryptolocker, uses advanced encryption algorithms to block system files. So, the attacker demands payment to allow the decryption of the locked documents, pictures, audios and videos.

Second Category: The victim is locked out of the Operating System. Furthermore, the documents and files on the system aren’t essentially encrypted; nevertheless, the attacker requests  payment to unlock the infected operating system.

The best practices to reduce the chances of being a victim of a Ransomware attack are;

Regularly update your Operating System
Ensure you have current, anti-virus security protecting your system
Always back up your data

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