Malware Disguised as Telstra Survey

telstra malware virus

Malware Disguised as Telstra Survey A new Malware virus is circulating in the form of a pop-up Telstra Survey offering customers a free gift if they enrol.

This is one of the latest ransom ware viruses observed online; we urge our customers not to participate in the survey.

Below is a list of the major symptoms of Malware infection;

  • System Slows Down
  • Viewing Pop-ups on your Monitor
  • System Crashes
  • Run out of Capacity
  • High Network Activity
  • New Toolbars on Webpages
  • Accessing Random Websites
  • Software Runs Automatically
  • Anti-Virus Security Disabled

You can find more information on Malware and Virus removal here.


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We know a lot of people won’t visit this page – they’re more interested in what we do than how and why we do it, but we think it’s actually pretty important. After all, this tells you WHY we want to be a premier provider of IT services Melbourne-wide. We all know that every company has a vision, a mission and values, but how many companies live them? How many are truly committed?


At IT WIFI we take our vision and mission seriously, we know that this is what sets us apart from our competition. We know that by living our values and by always driving our mission and vision, we can become the premier provider of IT Services Melbourne-wide.

Our Mission:

IT WIFI is committed to offering a fully integrated onsite and remote maintenance service, along with full technical support to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and individuals

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Our Values:

Our corporate philosophy is based on three main pillars:
Excellence: To provide reliable and efficient solutions to all our customers
Reliability: To guarantee availability and effectiveness at all times
Innovation: To deliver the best services to our clients in order to sustain customer satisfaction


There are dozens of companies offering IT support Melbourne-wide, but we think our vision, mission and values set us apart. We’re focused on providing YOU with the best IT support Melbourne (or the country) can offer.

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