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 The Difference Between Email Protocols

Email Hosting Solutions for Business are an important part of every business and has become the number one way of communicating within the business world.

Unfortunately many businesses experience email issues. Problems sending and receiving emails, lost or missing emails, difficulty syncing emails between different devices – all can affect a business’ ability to communicate with clients, employees and business stakeholders.

Choosing the right email protocol for your business can be confusing. We have explained the 3 available protocols below and listed their pros and cons.

There are different email setup methods;
Internet Massage Access Protocol (IMAP)
Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3)
and the Exchange.

Each protocol has its advantages and disadvantages.


 Advantage  Disadvantage
Easy migration among devices Complex to maintain
 Data is stored on Cloud safely  Uses host’s HDD space
 Email syncs on all devices  Some hosts are blacklisted
Data backups automatically Not available offline
 Responsible free to manage Email infrastructure  Not all Email programs support IMAP method


 Advantage  Disadvantage
Access your mail without being logged onto the Internet. Consuming valuable data capacity on your hard drive
All emails are stored on the local hard drive Email folders and sub-folder can get corrupted and at some cases lost
No limitation on your mailbox, except the size of the hard drive Email accounts require a software “Email reader”

Email Hosting Solutions for Business

 Advantage  Disadvantage
Independence Ongoing upgrades and maintenance
Full control of the hardware and Email platform – control of exchange data Threat of Losing Data
No need for host management and exchange rates Continuous need to configure networks, systems and Exchange platform against possible threats

Not sure which email protocol is best for your business? Do you need assistance to setup and configure your email on single/multiple devices?

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Email Hosting Solutions for Business