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Choosing the Right Backup Method

data backup methodsData Backup Method – More than ever, storing and securing data is the most essential requirement for any business. It’s essential to protect your files and documents from any potential loss, and also be able to recover your data promptly once needed.

With time a precious commodity in any business, saving time restoring lost or corrupted data means getting back to business as soon as possible. Here are the are four data backup methods to store your data.

Method 1: Full Backup

The full backup method compresses your files to minimise size, then copies them to your backup medium.  The full backup method consumes plenty of storage space and takes number of hours to conduct each backup. This method also shortens the life of the backup medium due to the hefty access to the backup disk and may consume a lot of bandwidth if the backup medium is connected to the network.

Method 2: Incremental Backup

This method saves a lot of network bandwidth and backup medium space, as it captures only the changes made since the last incremental backup. However, this method increases the overhead since each file needs to be cross-checked for any data update or change which can be time consuming. The other disadvantage of this method is slower recovery time.

incremental data backup

Data Backup Method –

 Method 3: Differential Backup

This method is similar to the incremental backup method in the initial setup phase; however the differential backup captures only the changes made since the last full backup, not since the last differential backup. This method requires more storage space, and time to be completed compared  to the incremental backup method but ensures an easier, more reliable restore.

differential backup

 Method 4: Virtual Full Backup

This method utilises a pointer database that tracks backup data and involves one initial full backup. Once the original full backup is implemented it does not replicate the process unless the storage medium is changed. What in fact happens is that the virtual backup methods synchs all the backup data to the database. The advantage of the virtual full backup method is you get faster data movement and restore process.

Protect your business from data loss

Protecting data from loss and corruption is a major concern for businesses of all kind, and setting up the best data backup method can be confusing. Our IT Support team will come to your home or office and install a back up system to suit your requirements.

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Data Backup Method –