Why does my computer freeze?

We get this a lot. The thing is, there can be multiple factors behind your computer freeze, but one of the most common ones we encounter is a defective memory module. Or, faulty RAM.

A faulty RAM can not just make your computer freeze, it can risk or compromise your data and even cause your computer to stop booting up when you turn it on. Between the risk of losing your precious data and the high chance of corrupting your software, a faulty RAM isn’t something you can ignore.

Many people think that a faulty RAM is easy to detect but at the same time, they ignore the warning signs. Here are what we consider the top 5 warning signs that your computer freeze is more than just a phase your computer is going through:

  1. PC freezes frequently
  2. Corrupted files in the system
  3. System performance has significantly decreased
  4. Windows shuts down for no reason
  5. The dreaded blue screen of death (BSOD)

What Do I Do?

Once these start happening, you really need to perform a comprehensive test to find the faulty RAM. A professional computer tech will be able to find the bad module (if you have multiple RAM inside your computer) and get you back on track.

Can I DIY?

If you’re using an Apple, RAM is vital to OSX so a faulty RAM will cause computer freeze and crashes. To test the memory, you need to use the OS boot drive or the restore DVD that you would have received with the system.

Microsoft Windows does come with a handy memory diagnostic tool that can help identify any potential RAM deficit and once identified, you should shut down the system and remove all the modules except one. Once you have done this, you can reboot the computer and re-run the diagnostics. If it comes up clear, then that RAM stick isn’t the faulty one. At that point, you would shut down the system, swap in one of the other RAM sticks and reboot, re-run diagnostics and continue until you have identified the faulty RAM.

I Don’t Want To DIY

If that all sounds like a lot or work or you’re not confident to try it yourself, why not call us on 1300 IT WIFI or contact us

We can help identify the faulty RAM as well as clean up your system and prevent malware & other viruses from attacking your computer, keeping your data safe.

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