Android Malware – Rapid Global App – Outbreak Threatens Networks

Dress Code Infected Malicious Apps Downloaded From Google Play Store

Moreover, a newly revealed Android App malware campaign has been identified using the victims contact list to spread over to new targets.

According to researchers, Rapid Global Trojan was first detected last August 2016, and had been found in at least 3,000 apps on the Google Play Store.

malwareThe running pace with which this Trojan was able to spread around the globe.

Nevertheless, contractors accessing this rapid global app shows how attackers are utilizing mobile apps infrastructure.

Furthermore, as one of the most effective methods of distributing malware and achieving rapid global reach.

Google has been informed about the rapid global app or Malware apps and is working on removing many of them from the Play store.

Nevertheless, android device users are also urged to take part in this by applying the latest updates on their smartphone devices.

The public must be more careful about the apps they install. And not to bypass the security lockdowns on the smartphones.

Android Malware Outbreak Threatens Networks

In spite of the researchers, enterprises with android devices are at a risk.

Of having their networks compromised by a rapidly spreading Trojan horse.

Therefore if their candidates entering a work site aren’t going to enable the security measures on their devices and reduce using the public WI-FI on their devices.

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Android Malware – rapid global app – Outbreak Threatens Networks

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